ISG application license fails to install inline [June 2022]
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ISG application license fails to install inline [June 2022]


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Installing an inline license file fails with the following error message:

%  ErrorCode : -14200
%  ErrorMessage : Complete
%  Reason : invalid license - certificate path exception


License signing certificates expired in June 2022 and have been renewed.

License files generated prior to June 2022 can no longer be used.


Generate a new license file from the myBroadcom entitlement portal.

  1. Connect to the ISG via SSH.

  2. Access the CLI and enter enable mode.

  3. Install the inline license, where <passphrase> is the passphrase you entered when you downloaded the license.

    # licensing inline passphrase <passphrase>

    If the license loaded successfully, the CLI displays the message:
    License update was successful for license id license_id.

Additional Information

If license update continuous to fail please check the following items: 

- Disable any proxy/ssl inspection for the device traffic 

- Verify NTP time is correct