Java 11 GEN build fail in
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Java 11 GEN build fail in


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When using Java11 to build a generated Java application (EJB, WebView or Internet Client), the build of a load module fails in compiling with various packages not found:

    [javac] F:\NBFamilies\AF85\Models\MR439SYS.ief\java\NBF\ error: package javax.xml.bind.annotation.adapters does not exist
    [javac] F:\NBFamilies\AF85\Models\MR439SYS.ief\java\NBF\ error: cannot find symbol

As  JAXB is removed in the JDK of Java11, the jar file  have to be sourced and provided manually in order for any Gen Java build to work.

After locating a version of the library ,it works fine but  what version and requirement does Gen have on the library? 

Will it be provided with GEN itself ?Where to get the minimum version? 


Release: 8.6

Component: Gen Generator, Web Client for Java & ASP.NET


Jar file (jaxb-api-2.3.0.jar ) is  delivered  under location  "%GEN86%Gen\classes\java11\modules". PTF  WKS86200 (Gen 8.6 Complete) also contains  Java 11 support/folder.

 When building a java11 app, it is necessary to  modify the Build Tool token " LOC.JAVAEE_HOME" and double check if the token is properly set.

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