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Save As Different Version functionality Issue in ARD 3.2.X


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CA Agile Requirements Designer


When a model is opened from ARD hub and I try the option to save it as a different version, it is not working as the checkbox is disabled. 

 But it is working fine with the model open from TDM Repo or File. 


ARD 3.2.X
Agile Requirments designer


ARD Hub does not have flow versioning 


this is by design.
it is expected that you would go to the Connectors section on the left and then to the ARD Hub and create the version in the projects on right-hand side.

Manage Flow Projects in ARD Hub (
Version Your Flows
The ARD Studio displays projects and versions in the Connectors Dock. Only Project Admins and System Administrators can create and manage versions
Follow these steps: 
Open ARD Studio and go the Toolbox Dock, Connectors.
Log on to Agile Requirements Designer Hub as Project Admin or System Administrator.
Right-click any existing version and choose Create Version. 
Specify a new Version name. You can rename versions later.
Click OK. Agile Requirements Designer copies the folder structure and file content as base for the new version.


When you save a flow in the ARD Hub you have to save it under a defined version.  
ARD Hub versions are similar to the TDM Project versions.  

It is just a container ...there is no real content version control

ARDbHub doesn't support versioning.

Additional Information

This a nomenclature issue:
the checkbox in the screenshot refers to an "old school" version, where the flow would be,
basically duplicated and the second version would be appended to the end of the first.
That led to flows of increasing size and complexity.

That checkbox still works for local filesystem flows, or for TDM hosted flows.

In the Hub, though, we introduced the notion of Hub version, which would hold independent flows and would be managed at the Hub level, on the back-end

For Hub hosted flows, the "old school" versioning is intentionally disabled, to cut down on the flow size and to encourage users to use only the Hub for their versioning needs.