How can we access the Dynam catalog with REXX?
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How can we access the Dynam catalog with REXX?


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Dynam for VSE


I need to determine the status of a tape volser that is currently mounted on a drive.

I'm using the VSE flavor of REXX.

I have the VOLSER but I need to access the catalog to see if it is a scratch tape, or an active tape.

If it is an active tape, I need the DSN of the tape, the job that created or mounted the tape, and the time of the last use.

There are subroutines that I can call from Cobol to do this, but I want to do this in REXX.

Is this something that can be done?

Is there an existing informational APAR concerning this?




Release : 7.1

Component : Dynam Family for z/VSE


 Dynam has no direct method to access the catalog with REXX. You could write a REXX program that calls a Cobol or ALC program using the DYNACC and then return the data back to the REXX program.