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Pingable model created for secondary WLC when the primary CISCO 5520 WLC is modeled in Spectrum


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CA Spectrum DX NetOps


Following the initial discovery and modeling of a CISCO 5520 WLC device, a second device is also modeled as a Pingable model. The ip address of this Pingable model is the secondary WLC model for the primary.

How does Spectrum know to model the secondary WLC device as a Pingable?


Release : Any

Component : Spectrum Discovery


When the active WLC is modeled in DX NetOps Spectrum, the standby WLC will automatically be modeled as Pingable (since SNMP is disabled on standby, as per Cisco design).

Please reference the "AP-SSO: Access Point Stateful Switchover (Cisco WLC High Availability)" section of the documentation for more information.

Additional Information

To determine the ip address of the secondary WLC modeled as a Pingable, Spectrum reads the value of the cLHaPeerIpAddress attribute id 0x215294 from the CISCO_LWAPP_App applictation model associated with the WLC device model.

When the Pingable model is created, Spectrum creates a WlcHaPeer association between the WLC device model and the WLC Pingable model.

 ./show.exe associations mh=0x1000e40 |grep WlcHaPeer
0x1000e40   WLC_Device_Model     WlcHaPeer       0x1000e4d   WLC_Pingable_Model