DCD2552E Data Content Discovery Error
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DCD2552E Data Content Discovery Error


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Data Content Discovery ACF2 ACF2 - z/OS ACF2 - MISC


While running a batch scan, the job receives the following error:

ACF9CCCD USERID logonid  IS ASSIGNED TO THIS JOB - jobname      
IEF403I jobname - STARTED - TIME=12.55.14                       
DCD2552E DCD DCDBATCH - Access denied to resource DCD.SCAN.SUBMIT


Release : 3.0


The DCD2552E error message as shown above is indicates that the logonid needs access to the DCD.SCAN.SUBMIT resource in the CADCD class. Running ACF2's ACFRPTRV report against the SMF active at the time of the error should show the violation and the exact rule key that is denying access. If nothing shows up on the RV report, the TRACE bit may need to be set on the logonid to force SMF records to be cut.