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Get a list of job definitions and virtual machines that contain a given real machine?


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CA Workload Automation AE


What is a good way to create a list of job and virtual machine definitions that contain a given real machine?


Release : 12.0

Component : AutoSys Workload Automation


You can create a list of jobs that run on a given machine using a search in WCC QuickEdit. In the search section, set the "Type" to "Job", enter the machine name in the "Send to Machine" field, and click go. The search results will display a list of jobs defined to run on that machine.

For finding virtual machine definitions that contain the real machine you are retiring, you would need to go to the database for that. Here is a query that would generate a list...

select parent_name from aedbadmin.ujo_machine where mach_name='real_machine_name';

Plug in the actual real machine name you are retiring for the mach_name value in the query.