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After installing a probe to a device that had the probe, the probe is not listed


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


Checked a robot and it is no longer listing the cdm probe. Looking at the robot the probe is in the probes directory and seems to be intact.


Release : 20.3

Component : CAUIM


It appears somehow the probe was removed from the controller.cfg, and for some reason a redeployment would not add it back into the controller.cfg file.

There are a couple options here:

-grab the offending probe section from another controller.cfg on another robot and remove the section after the magic_key:

   description = CPU, Disk and Memory performance probe
   group = System
   active = yes
   type = daemon
   command = cdm.exe
   config = cdm.cfg
   datafile =
   logfile = cdm.log
   workdir = probes/system/cdm
   magic_key = 

-paste that into the problem robots controller.cfg file and restart the robot.
-perform the following on the probe:

Right click the probe > security > set access > OK 
Right click the probe > security > validate > Yes all 

If after doing this the probe does not start, you will want to:

-make a backup of the probes directory
-delete the probe from IM
-delete any remaining remnants on the robots probe directory
-re deploy the probe and validate that it is working
-copy in your original cdm.cfg as needed, and restart and reverify