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You are trying to enable DLP OCR in the cloud portal and have Network connectivity error


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You have logged in to the Cloud Management Portal (CMP), and can see your Detector in the OCR configuration tab.

However, when you try to change the radio button to "Enabled" for this Detector, you receive this error:

"Error Network connectivity error. Please contact support if the issue persists."

Here is a screenshot from this case - note that the remainder of the GUIDs for the Detector IDs have been masked:



Note, this example has several Detectors. 

In this second case the error only occurs when attempting to enable the entries where no DetectorID is listed.


Release : 15.7+

Component : DLP Cloud Services and the Cloud Management Portal


This issue has been seen with 2 different causes:

  1. The Detector ID as listed in CMP (blacked out in first screenshot above) was incorrect, and did not exactly match the DetectorID as provisioned.
  2. The Detector ID is actually missing from the table - as per the second screenshot above.


For the first issue, the DetectorID as displayed will not match the Detector as provisioned and is preventing configuration from working as expected.

If the ID appears incorrect (the correct ID is visible in your Enforce Server), you should open a ticket with Technical Support. 

For the second issue, if the DetectorID is actually missing, check how many Detectors you have listed in the OCR Service Configuration (screenshots above) versus the total number of Detectors for which you have a current Entitlement (as listed in the main CMP screen for "Cloud Service Configurations").

Generally, Detectors with a valid entitlement will show up with a valid DetectorID under the OCR Service Configuration.

If the DetectorID is missing from the OCR screen, that is most likely a Detector that has been decommissioned.

The fact it is displayed in this section is a defect in CMP which should be corrected in a future update.

Additional Information

The UUID of a DetectorID consists of 32 alphanumeric characters in the following format: 8-4-4-4-12.