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Creating symlink on config.ACE


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CA Workload Automation AE


We would like to create a symlink to the scheduler config.ACE file in our environment to enable disaster recoovery switching between our main datacenter and our DR recovery site.

Essentially on our DC1 primary and our DC2 Primary we would have two config.ACE files.  The files are identical, except for the RoleDesignator setting.

Whatever datacenter that is acting as the primary datacenter would be symlinked to the file with RoleDesignator=1.  If we switch between datacenters, then the symlinks would be update from the idle to active datacenter.

Is this feasible?  Would we run into issue during patching using this method?




Release : 12.0

Component : CA Workload Automation AE (AutoSys)


We do not see any reason why what you outlined would not work.

Quick test here:

Stopped all of AE.

renamed $AUTOUSER/config.R12 to config.R12.primary

created a symlink for $AUTOUSER/config.R12 to point to config.R12.primary

restarted all of AE.

everything is still working as expected... can autorep, chk_auto_up, events are processing, AEWS calls go thru.

We have not tested upgrading or applying patches with the link in place but we would not expect issues.  Most times the patches do not involve config file updates.  A major upgrade / service pack release, those might have config file updates but we would still expect the OS to handle the link fine if needed.  You would need to manually update the config file the link is/was not pointing to with any new settings.  Use the one that was updated as reference.