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Communication to the Data Center Security Server: Advanced (DCS) Manager fails when https_proxy variables are in place when the agent doesn't need the variables


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Data Center Security Server Advanced


If your servers require the Environmental Variable 'https_proxy' on the servers for other applications, and the connection between agent to manager fails because of this Environmental Variable; you will need the agent to route around this Variable by setting a 'no_proxy' Environmental variable



Release : 6.9.1 +



Proxy Environmental Variables will fail if the Agent doesn't need them to connect to the manager. 


1. On the Windows Start menu start typing 'Environmental Variable' and the System Properties box will open.

2. Select the Environmental Variables box

3. In the System Variables box select New

4. Add no_proxy in the Variable name section

5. Add the FQDN of the DCS manager and note this can be comma separated to add more than one manager.

6. Close all boxes and restart a new Admin Level cmd prompt to test the connection to the DCS Manager (sisipsconfig -t)