How to access Console Manager
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How to access Console Manager


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Automation Point


I've installed Automation Point 11.7 (upgraded from AP 11.6 non-SP1) and have turned on and configured Console Manager (based on your documentation).

In the 'Use Console Manager' section, how do I bring up Console Manager itself?  Since this is a web-based replacement for WebMV, I'm expecting a URL.

Other questions:

-  Are there additional setups needed for session definitions to make them work with Console Manager?

-  Further google search brings up Console Manager running under Team Center.  Is Team Center a requirement?



Release : 11.7

Component : Automation Point


Console Manager is accessed from the same URL/page used by Alert Manager which is documented here under the section titled 'Mainframe Team Center-Automation: The Alert Manager Web User Interface':

As mentioned in the documentation above, the URL for Alert Manager is as follows:

Accessing that URL results in the following screen with the Console Manager tab present on the left.


There are no additional steps needed to allow session definitions to work with Console Manager, and installation of Mainframe Team Center is also not required.


Additional Information

Configuring Console Manager: