Are Datacom MUF Restart Sysout required before startup?
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Are Datacom MUF Restart Sysout required before startup?


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Do we need to add //GOODSUM DD SYSOUT=*, //IGNSUM DD SYSOUT=*,  //ERRORSUM DD SYSOUT=*  to the Datacom MUF JCL?

We run many of our ENF's which use Datacom as subsystems, and SYSOUT is not allowed with subsystems.
When we brought up ENF on a couple of these systems, ENF abended because Datacom wanted to write to IGNSUM DD as sysout.

I had to allocate permanent datasets for GOODSUM, IGNSUM, ERRORSUM,  and add DD cards to the ENF/DCOM proc.
Do I have to do the same for ENF not running as a subsystem (which is allowed to use SYSOUT) ?


Release : 15.1

Component : Datacom/AD


If running MUF with SYSOUT, then you do not need to declare these statments as they are automatically generated upon restart

If you a running MUF as a subtask or are using the legacy PXX output file and cannot declare SYSOUT, then per MVS rules, file allocations are required