Notification Data not sent to AlarmNotifier from SANM Policy Filters


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CA Spectrum DX NetOps


We have two filters configured in the Default Policy for AlarmNotifier. Both of these filters have e-mail addresses in the Notification Data field.

When an alarm passes a filter, it is sent to the AlarmNotifier. However, there are no e-mail addresses received from the Notification Data in the filter.

We see the following in the NOTIFIER.OUT file:

NotificationData undefined - no mail sent


For this particular instance, it was discovered that Carbon Black running on the SpectroSERVER system where the AlarmNotifier was running was the root cause of the issue.


Release : Any Spectrum version running on Windows where Carbon Black is also running

Component : Spectrum Applications/ SANM


After Carbon Black was disabled on the SpectroSERVER system, Notification Data was being passwed to AlarmNotifier as expected.