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Manually updating Monitor ID password after changing LDAP user password


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CA Workload Automation AE



Is there a way to manually update the Monitor ID password from the command line after changing the password for a LDAP user?


Release : 12.0

Component : WCC


When you change the password in LDAP for the Monitoring ID user, sometimes before you have a chance to go into WCC and change the password in the Server configuration, the user is already locked out. Here are the steps that I would recommend:

1) Go to the <main wcc directory>/bin directory

2) Run the following command:

./ -u <wcc user> -p <wcc user password> -x serverconfig.txt

3) Bring down the WCC processes

4) Change the password for your LDAP user that you are using for the Monitoring ID

5) vi the serverconfig.txt file and make the following changes:

Modify the following line from:




Go to the monitor_password: field and update the password to be the new plaintext password.

You can remove the other sections that start with insert_ in this file. Then save the file.

6) Then only start the CA-wcc-services process

7) Issue following command:

./ -u <wcc user> -p <wcc user password> -i serverconfig.txt

8) Stop the CA-wcc-services process

9) Start up all of the WCC processes by issuing the following command:

unisrvcntr start CA-wcc

10) After WCC fully comes up, log into the WCC GUIs and validate the AutoSys Server in the Configuration tab

After doing the above steps, it will be using the new Monitoring ID password.