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How to download the log files from the monitoring point using API


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AppNeta DX NetOps


In some scenarios, you may find that AppNeta monitoring point is responding unexpectedly or exhibiting abnormal behaviour, and you may choose to open a Support case with AppNeta Technical Support.  To help troubleshoot the issue, the Support team my request log files from the Monitoring Point.

These can be obtained iIf you have connectivity to the monitoring point, either through AppNeta, or using its LAN IP address, you can attempt to log into the device, and retrieve the log files for AppNeta Technical Support to review.



How to download the log files from the monitoring point using API


  1. Log into your appliance and click on the gear icon in the top right:

  1. Select API:

  1. This will open a new page for our API.  Inside if you scroll down you see Logs.  Click on logs;

  1. This expands logs and provides two choices.  Please use GET /log/archive and click on it:

  1.   This will expand the section, click the ‘Try it out’ button:

Then click Execute:

  1. This may take up to several minutes to complete.  You will see the loading indicator:

  1. Once the appliance completes gathering the logs, you should see a Download File option.  The file size can range from 5 - 75 MB.

  1. Depending on file size, please upload the file to Support through your ticket, or share the file through through a file service such as Google Drive.