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Device details appears to show VPN as missing on iOS devices running 6.8.0 or newer


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Endpoint Protection Mobile


When inspecting an iOS device in the SEP Mobile Management Console (MC), if the device is running version 6.8.0 or newer of the SEP Mobile app, the bubble within the Device Details pane to indicate that VPN is installed on the device may appear blanked out.  

Here is an example of what this would look like, with the relevant portion outlined:

However it should also be noted that devices exhibiting this symptom in their MC record will likely not have a "Protection not setup properly" alert, which would usually be expected if VPN was not installed on a device (assuming the assigned protection policies require it).  


Beginning in version 6.8.0 of the SEP Mobile app for iOS, the Protection VPN profile, which engages in response to a network threat, was switched from using the TUN profile to the more robust XNDC VPN profile.  What is being seen in the MC is a UI issue, where the status of the updated VPN is not being properly reported. 

It has been confirmed in numerous instances of this behavior that both SRP & XNDC profiles are enabled and everything is configured properly on the end user device.  A genuine issue with VPN protection being reported to the MC would trigger a yellow health alert on the Device Details pane, showing "Protection not setup properly".


Updates to both the iOS app and the MC will be forthcoming to address this issue.