'Idea - Initiator (Auto) (Automatic)' access right not granted
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'Idea - Initiator (Auto) (Automatic)' access right not granted


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The access right 'Idea - Initiator (Auto) (Automatic)' does not get granted to a user when certain access rights are granted



1. Create a user with the following access rights 

    Ideas - NavigateNow when you go to 
    Ideas - Create
    Idea Management - Navigate
    Idea - Cost Plan - View All

2. Create an Idea instance in Modern UX using the user created in step one.
3. Logout and then login as a Clarity Admin or another user with more access rights
4. Go to Clarity Classic and open the Idea previously created in step two.
5. Navigate to the Idea Instance - Properties - 'Access to this Idea' - 'Full View' 
6. Click on the key icon to view the access right the resource has for the Idea created in step two.


Expected Results: 

The resource should have 'Idea - Initiator (Auto) (Automatic)' granted

Actual Results:

The access right 'Idea - Initiator (Automatic)' is not granted to the user.



Release : 15.9.2, 16.0.1

Component : Demand Management


This is a defect that is resolved Clarity version 16.0.2 onwards. No defect was logged as it was already resolved at the time it was reported


Resolved in Clarity 16.0.2

Additional Information


Open the Idea in Classic and on the Idea Summary page modify modify 'Requestor' field to another resource. Save this and change back to original resource.
After that you find that the access right 'Idea - Initiator (Automatic)' is granted