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Unable to deploy event policy to multiple connectors after CU3


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CA Service Operations Insight (SOI)


We have 2 Spectrum connectors version

We are using the Event Policy component to deploy Event Policies.

Both Spectrum connectors are visible in there.

When we create a simple policy and deploy this to ONE of the Spectrum connectors, the deployment is successful,

however if we subsequently add the second Spectrum connector in the deployment, it takes several minutes before the dialog says "timeout exceeded".

Mostly the dialog just quits. the user interface shows that the earlier deployed policy to the first Spectrum connector is undeployed in this action. It is still present on the Spectrum connector though.


This behavior can be repeated


Release : 4.2 and CU3

Component : SOI ONE CLICK UI


This is a known defect in CU3


This will be fixed in CU4.


If this functionality is critical, please contact support to check if a work-around is available.