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Non-labor costs in Modern UX Hierarchies


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In MUX on hierarchies, non-labor costs are not available to show on cards or to roll up for totals.


Release : 16.0.1

Component : Clarity MUX UI Usability


This is a current limitation.



You can make a custom calculated attribute on the Project Object or Investment Object that will aggregate Total Actual Costs (from transactions)



    Function:  Sum



    Additional fields are shown


  Argument Number:  1

      Choose Radio Button for Attribute Name (ID) and add

      Actual Cost (aggr_actual_cost)

As the Expression

Complete building the calculated attribute.

Make sure you assign it an API Alias so you can use it in MUX.

Then you can add this attribute to your projects in the hierarchy cards.


Refer to article 

Tuesday Tip: Calculated Attribute for Actual Cost


Note that the article shows adding the attribute to the Project Object, but the same steps are available for the Investment Object which may be more beneficial to using Hierarchies.