Looking for Upgrade Path for VNA from old 3.6 to 21.2.10
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Looking for Upgrade Path for VNA from old 3.6 to 21.2.10


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I am looking to upgrade an old instance of VNA (3.6) to the newest release and integrate it with our NetOps Portal/Performance Management instance.

Can the 21.2.10 installer be run to upgrade the current install, or what would need to be the upgrade path to go from 3.6 to 21.2.10?


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.An upgrade from 3.6 to the current release is not documented, which means it has not been tested so if you are running VNA 3.6 you should first upgrade to the latest release of 3.7 or 20.2 before attempting to upgrade to the most current release

Additional Information

See the following documentation:



Upgrades From 3.7 or 20.2 to 21.2.1
You can:
  • Upgrade NetOps Portal and the data aggregator concurrently.
  • Upgrade the data collectors and VNA concurrently.
  • (Recommended) Upgrade Spectrum and VNA concurrently.