Tactical Assertion Remote Cache logging - RemoteCacheAssertion-1.3.4
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Tactical Assertion Remote Cache logging - RemoteCacheAssertion-1.3.4


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CA API Gateway


We have previously received the tactical assertion for remote cache logging to use a remote cache with the Api Gateway version 10.0.

From this tactical assertion we are trying to access a redis cache on azure .
However, we are not getting this to work yet and the only error we see in the gateway logs is "ServerRemoteCacheStoreAssertion: 4: Unable to store cached value: Could not get a resource from the pool. Exception caught!"
We checked on the network that there is no firewall in between.

Via telnet and openssl we can establish a connection from the appliance.



Release : 10.0

Component : API GATEWAY


Raise a support case to get the latest version of this tactical assertion which support   "In Transit Encryption"

after installing the new  assertion check the new  option "The checkbox for TLS(AWS)"    which is to enable  AWS Elastic Cache (Redis) with "In Transit Encryption" enabled. 

This also work for Azure which  have "In Transit Encryption" enabled.