Inactive Resources Set to Active
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Inactive Resources Set to Active


Article ID: 241925


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Clarity PPM On Premise


Resources were set to active and they already have termination dates set.
How did it get activated and how many are affected/activated/changed?


Release : All


Check if auditing is enabled for the resource(s).

1. Check the global audit trail by navigating  Classic UI > Administration Menu, Data Administration, Audit Trail
and filter/search for the active flag on the Resource object.

2. Run the following query to find out how many are affected:

SELECT a.object_code, a.object_id, a.attribute_code, 
a.value_before, a.value_after, a.operation_code, a.last_updated_date, a.last_updated_by,
b.unique_name, b.first_name, b.last_name
FROM cmn_audits a,
srm_resources b
WHERE a.last_updated_by = b.user_id
AND a.object_code = 'resource'
and a.attribute_code = 'is_active'
order BY a.last_updated_date DESC;