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Error: There are no license file(s) for any of the currently selected products


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IT Management Suite


Unable to install licenses.

The customer is trying to move his production database to a new SQL Server. After attaching the database, when SIM (Symantec Installation Manager) asks for the license file, the customer gets:

"There are no license file(s) for any of the currently selected products"

Then, the customer tries to load the license file, and sees the following message:

"In order to proceed with the selected version of the product, you must install a license file with an expiration date of 9/28/2018 or beyond".

The customer reviewed the license file and it has an expiration date in the future as required. 


ITMS 8.5, 8.6


Make sure that you are installing the product or Suite that the licenses were issued for.

In this case, the customer was installing Asset Management Suite but he only had licenses for Client Management Suite. After he selected the right Suite/set of Solutions, the licenses were able to be installed.

Additional Information

"How to Install licenses in Installation Manager" (KB 180500)