View - SARXMS tasks abending with S0C2, S0C4, S222
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View - SARXMS tasks abending with S0C2, S0C4, S222


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I have 2 lpars in a duplex running 25 instances of View and Deliver.

Many of the related SARXMS tasks show abends of S0C2, S0C4 and S222.


Release : 14.0

Component :


The client recently upgraded to View 14.0. 

They were receiving S0C2 and S0C4 abends due to their executing an earlier version (2.0) of the View/Deliver EBC. 

The 2.0 version came from an early release of CA In-Balance. 

The CA In-Balance load library was placed ahead of the View/Deliver/EBC 14.0 load library in the linklist, and so a SARXMS execution of PGM=EBCDRV was picking up the older release of EBC. 

It was suggested that, to use the EBC 14.0, the client do one of the following:

 . In their SARXMS tasks, change the EXEC statement to PGM=EE0DRV, to run the 14.0 version (E0). 

 . Move the View load library ahead of the In-Balance load library in the linklist.