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Endevor Software Change Manager (SCM)


Hi Support,

Would like to know how to setup the "TO FILE" for the Endevor archive elements.



Release : 18.0

Component : Endevor Software Change Manager


Please see the to file in the definition of the Archive statement....

TO FILE (DDNAME) dd-name 
The TO clause indicates where the Element is being archived. Endevor uses the TO clause in an action and any preceding SET TO clause to determine the "to" criteria for that action.
A TO clause in an action overrides values in a SET TO clause that precedes the action.
If the SET TO clause contains values that are not included in the TO clause, Endevor uses these values.
The DCB must specify variable blocked records (RECFM=VB), and the DSORG should be PS.
The minimum LRECL should be 2940 or the TYPE-LENGTH plus (+) 14, whichever is greater.
When archiving to disk, the recommended block size is one-half a track, and the recommended LRECL is one-half a track minus (-) 4 unless the previous rule requires a bigger LRECL/BLKSIZE.
When archiving to tape, the recommended block size is 32760 and the recommended LRECL is 32756.

The above is from Archive statement definition see link below...