Troubleshooting Incorrectly Categorized URLs
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Troubleshooting Incorrectly Categorized URLs


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Web Isolation Cloud


Troubleshooting Incorrectly Categorized URLs


For the issue reported, please share the evidence of what you believe to be incorrectly categorized URLs. Complete the troubleshooting steps below and send us the snippet of the URL categorization, for validation. 

1. Reproduce the issue by browsing the same website(s).
2. In the activity log, filter traffic based on tab_id field. (tab_id is same as Ticket ID observed in block page)

3. Under Categories, find the rule responsible for blocking the webpage.
4. Follow the URL to GIN (, the URL categorization vendor that Symantec

Threat Isolation uses and types the URL of the misclassified website.

Please, collect the following diagnostics and upload them to the case, for investigation.

Note: Threat Isolation utilizes the same URL categorization principles, and WebPulse, as the Symantec ProxySG.