Diagnostic report generation for Automation Point.
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Diagnostic report generation for Automation Point.


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Automation Point


Sometimes a complete Diagnostic report for Automation Point is required by Broadcom support in order to debug an issue. This article describes how to generate it. 


Release : 11.5, 11.6, 11.7 
Component : Automation Point


Here are the steps required to generate the Diagnostic report for Automation Point:

  1. Open Configuration manager.     /* -  It should be in Windows start menu under CA folder.  */
  2. Expand "Expert interface ==>Diagnostic report"
  3. Click the "Configure" button on the right side and click "Generate full report". 

After it finishes, you will see a pop-up window where it shows the directory where the output zip file(apDiag.zip) is stored. This apDiag.zip will be attached to the support case for further investigation. 

NOTE: Before generating the Diagnostic report please check the Error Tracing Level in Configuration manager. Default one is 2, in most cases will be better to set it to 5.