Deliver - Entire Deliver print bundle is archived in View under PGM=RMOBBP jobname.
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Deliver - Entire Deliver print bundle is archived in View under PGM=RMOBBP jobname.


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The contents of an entire Deliver bundle is archived in View under the Deliver bundle job (PGM=RMOBBP) jobname.

- How could this occur?
- How can we prevent it from occurring again?


Release : 14.0

Component : Deliver


In addition to the VIEW and DELIVER STC's the customer was also using SARXTD. The problem occurred because of conflicting CLASS parameter configurations, among the three tasks.


- The Deliver bundle job (PGM=RMOBBP) was writing the contents of the bundle out to JES with a job execution class and Sysout CLASS that is monitored by SARXTD (PARM=',*/F/G/...').

- Because the SARXTD PARM had it's 'ARCHCLASS' parameter offset configured as CLASS=G, SARXTD spun-off the bundled data back out to JES as CLASS=G.

- Because the View SARINIT CLSL parameter is configured to collect CLASS=G, the View STC collected the bundled data, and archived the entire bundle.

- It archived it under the Deliver (PGM=RMOBBP) jobs JOBNAME because that is the jobname under which the JES print datasets, that were processed by SARXTD, originated.



When using SARXTD care should be taken when specifying a value in the ARCHCLASS offset of the PARM statement. Use of ARCHCLASS results in the SARXTD task "spinning-off" an image of the processed data back out to JES with this designated output CLASS. Make sure the CLASS that you specify for ARCHCLASS is what you really want it to be and that it does not conflict with another tasks configuration parameters.


Additional Information

For more information on using and configuring SARXTD please refer to the System Extensions Parameters section of documentation.