Variables created in configuration file are not accessible from node
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Variables created in configuration file are not accessible from node


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CA Agile Requirements Designer


1. create an automation configuration file
2. add a variable and save the configuration file
3. From a node/block from within the flow, select the Test Data tab, and add the variable, Existing Variable

the variable created in step 2 is not visible.  

If you close the ARD flow / open ARD flow using the same configuration file, then the variable is visible


Release : 3.2

Component : Agile Requirements Designer - Other



There is currently a "Note" in the dialog (see screenshot below), about this behavior.
variables added in this dialog can be usable after the flow is saved or opened.

The user needs to just save the flow in order to use the variable newly added.
This is working as designed.

Additional Information

I believe the confusion is coming into play as the client saved only the "Automation Configuration" dialog. This operation alone is not enough.
Two things have to be saved.
First, after adding the variable in the "Automation Configuration" dialog, it is needed to click the "Save" or "Save & close" button, so the variable is saved into config.
After that, it is needed to save the "Flow", by clicking the "Save Flow" button under the "Home" tab.
In this way, the new variable can be used without closing the flow.