View - EAS contention occurring between 2 LPARs
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View - EAS contention occurring between 2 LPARs


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We have EAS running on 2 different LPARs.

The configuration is that each task has TYPE=ONLY. 

System SYSA wants to mount a tape that SYSJ has control of, and they are just sitting there stuck.

Please advise as to what to do.


Release : 14.0

Component : View


In a configuration where each SAREAS task has a type of ONLY, that means that each task is doing the tape mounts, for View, for that LPAR.

In an environment with shared catalog and tape resources, this may cause contention as one EAS may have a tape in use that another EAS wants, and the other EAS needs to wait.

With use of SAREAS TYPE=PRIMARY, that will be the one and only task to perform the tape mounts, and the other takes will be set as TYPE=SECONDARY. 

In addition to the settings for task use, it is also suggested to use the following EAS parameter settings:

 . NBUF=100 - 100 segments of 32 KB of virtual, 31-bit addressable storage are used in a tape read 

 . NREAD=16 - 16 32 KB tape blocks are read in at a time, for a TYPE=PRIMAR or TYPE=ONLY server