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CA Plex 7.2.1 Performance Runtime issues


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CA Plex


CA Plex 7.2.1

Performance runtime issue.

The Tab system takes a long time to open. 

The first time takes a long period of time with subsequent attempts a bit faster, but it still takes a long time to open. 


CA Plex 7.2.1


There is an application INI option to not unload the loaded binaries which in turn improves the performance as it saves time to load/unload the resources in the main application context. 

Within the 'Settings' section add/update 'Cache DLL References' value to '1'.
Cache DLL References=1

The INI option is to keep the loaded modules in memory, only the time of main application close/exit of all loaded modules get unloaded. This saves time of loading and unloading modules on each call. Without the INI option enabled, when the main application calls a function for the first time, the process loads the respective resources in the application process and resources get unloaded once the function execution is done, and all subsequent calls will add over head of loading/unloading of resources in each call.

With the INI option enabled, the first-time call loads the respective resources in process memory and all other subsequent calls will be faster as the respective resources are still in process memory.   

With the INI option enabled, this will increase the footprint of running process memory space (can go up to 2GB) as the modules are not getting unloaded. By default, the process memory size can go up to 2GB memory footprint and this is quite a large memory space to hold a big application in size.  This should not cause any problems.