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SaaS NETAgent - Frontend metrics doesn't show any response time, responses per interval data, only concurrent invocations


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DX Application Performance Management


We have installed .NET SaaS Agent to monitor SharePoint 2019, however, we have noticed that Frontend "Average Response Time (ms)" and "Responses Per Interval data" metrics are not being reported, only "Concurrent Invocations" metric is reporting as expected as per screenshot below:


This issue is related to defect # DE527753 impacting SaaS .NET Agents only. Tjhis issue doesn't not affected APM 10.7 .NET Agent


.NET Agent SaaS



Solution: To be fixed in the next 22.x SaaS release


1) Open IntroscopeAgent.profile, set introscope.agent.cpumethodtimebreakdown.enable=false

2) Update PBDs:

Open MVC.pbd 

Comment the below lines:

SetTracerParameter: DotNetMVCFrontendMarker cputiming true

SetTracerParameter: DotNetMVCControllerAggregator cputiming true

SetTracerParameter: ASPNETCoreAsyncFrontendTracer cputiming true

SetTracerParameter: MVCControllerBlamePointTracer cputiming true

SetTracerParameter: MVCControllerActionBlamePointTracer cputiming true

SetTracerParameter: DotNetMVCFrontendMarkerAsync cputiming true


Open required.pbd

Comment  the below line:

SetTracerParameter: PageInfoTracer cputiming true

3) Restart IIS.

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