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Symantec VIP - How to add user from Active Directory to VIP Manager


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VIP Service


What are the recommended methods of copying users from local Active Directory into the VIP Manager account


Note: For most VIP accounts, the purchased VIP Licenses are for user licenses and any user accounts created in VIP Manager will utilize a license count. For any questions related to purchased licenses, please contact your Broadcom Account Manager.


There are two ways to synchronize users from AD to the VIP Manager cloud account.

  1. Automated LDAP Synchronization - This will automate the process, but does add every user account that qualifies in the user store. This option requires careful configuration of the User Store Filters to ensure non-VIP users are not synchronized and utilizing licenses. To enable this option, ensure that the "Add" box is checked in the local EG Console > LDAP Synchronization configuration for 'User Synchronization'
  2. Manual Enrollment by VIP Administrator (in VIP Manager) or by the user logging into the Self Service Portal - This method has more control over the license usage and requires a conscious action to enroll the users for VIP. The User Stores can have a wider configuration pool of users that "might" need VIP, but they are not taking a license count until the manual enrollment is done.

Additional Information

How to Configure the VIP Enterprise Gateway (VIP EG) User Store Filter: