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What is the Memory Utilization OID for Cisco APIC Server


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CA Spectrum


Can you let me know what is the SNMP OID that spectrum uses for capturing the Memory utilization for the APIC servers?

Device - CiscoAPIC Server M1

Version - APIC VERSION 4.2(4o); PID APIC-SERVER-M1; 

Sys OID -



DX NetOps Spectrum 20.x, 21.x


You should be able to check on the device that is modeled in Spectrum and see whether the NRM_MemoryUtilAttr attribute is populated.  If it is not, then Spectrum will calculate memory based on 2 out of the 3 attributes NRM_Memory_FreeAttr, NRM_MemoryTotalAttr, and NRM_MemoryUsedAttr.  Once you have those attribute values, you can use the “OID Prefix” column that is not enabled by default in the Attribute Browser tab and that should show which SysOids those attributes correspond to. If they are not populated, you will need to check with the vendor asking which attributes/oids provide this data.