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Messages released from Content Quarantine not delived to expected Scanner


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Messaging Gateway


When releasing messages from the Messaging Gateway (SMG) Content Quarantine either from the Control Center GUI or from DLP via Felxresponse, the released messages are not processed by the expected SMG Scanner.


Messages released from the Content Quarantine are released to the first Scanner record in the SMG Control Center Administration > Configuration host list.


This is expected behavior.

The SMG Control Center releases messages held in the Content Quarantine by listing all SMG scanners in the Control Center and then delivering the message to port 41015 on the first Scanner in the list.

This behavior is not currently configurable but the order of the Scanners in the Control Center can be changed by sequentially deleting Scanners from the Administration > Configuration list and then adding the scanner back via the Add Scanner wizard. This will change the internal ID of the scanner. Once the desired destination Scanner is the first SMG Scanner in the Administration > Configuration list it will begin getting the messages released from the SMG Content Quarantine.

Note: Removing a scanner from the Control Center does not stop the mail service on the Scanner and it will continue to accept, process, and deliver messages based on its configuration when it was removed from the Control Center. Adding and removing the scanner from the Control Center does not affect mail flow or Scanner configuration.