Unable to install Service Visualization 10.5 Workstation on Mac
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Unable to install Service Visualization 10.5 Workstation on Mac


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Service Virtualization


We have the Service Virtualization 10.2 Workstation installed on one of our Mac systems, running macOS Big Sur 11.5.1. We need to upgrade this Workstation to Service Virtualization 10.5. However, when we attempt to run the installation, we receive a message that the application cannot be scanned for malicious software, and we aren't able to run the installer.


Release : 10.5

Component : DevTest Workstation


The reason you are seeing the message is that Mac now requires applications to be certified (signed and notarized) with Apple before you are allowed to install them on the system. See "Apple can't check app for malicious software" (Note that the macOS User Guide page has an option to select your macOS version as needed). Also, check out the "Safely open apps on your Mac" and "Protect your Mac from malware" links that are available on this page.


Starting with Service Virtualization release 10.7 and greater, we have certified/notarized the Service Virtualization application with Apple. However, SV 10.5 has not been notarized. 

If the user has access to an SV 10.5 Workstation that has already been installed on a server or a Windows system, the best option is to use an existing 10.5 Workstation until you can upgrade to SV 10.7+. 

Additional Information

If you are running Service Virtualization 10.6, and see a similar issue, see https://knowledge.broadcom.com/external/article?articleId=224732