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I am using keywords in the Status Page emails to create artifacts in another product - when the new Status Page is deployed 5/16/2022 what changes will be made to emails?


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CA Agile Central SaaS (Rally)


I recently set up a subscription for emails from Rally alerts to go to our Service Now instance to create Incidents for any outages. The incidents get created based on key words in the emails.  Based on the email received today, the emails wording may be changing.  If this is the case, we will need to update our rules. If the emails are not changing and just the from address is, that is even better.

If the email subject and body is changing - Can you send me example emails of the following from the new system? 

1. New outage

2. Ongoing incident update

3. Incident resolved 

4. Upcoming maintenance 


Release :

Component :


The customer will need to check for emails coming from [email protected]


  • Subject will contain the following statuses for a NEW incident: Investigating     Identified
  • Subject will contain the following statuses for UPDATE of an incident:     Identified       Recovering
  • Subject will contain the following status for RESOLVED incident: Resolved



  • Subject will contain the following status for NEW maintenance: Scheduled
  • Subject will contain the following status for IN PROGRESS maintenance: Underway
  • Subject will contain the following status for COMPLETE of maintenance: Complete

I will add a 2 screenshots they sent as well.  Beta will be removed from those emails.