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Roadmap timeline views shows all Swimlane static lookup values


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Clarity PPM SaaS Clarity PPM On Premise


All the Swimlane static lookup values are displayed in Roadmap timeline view even if the roadmap items are not associated to the lookup values. Apply filter criteria for any one/two values of the static lookup field. The Swimlane still shows all the lookup values.

Steps to Reproduce: 

  1. Navigate to New UI
  2. Create a Roadmap
  3. Synchronize the roadmap with projects
  4. Navigate to Roadmap timeline view and select Goal under Swimlane
  5. Apply the filter criteria as Goal=Cost Avoidance

Expected Results: The Swimlane should display data only for the selected lookup values i.e. 'Cost Avoidance'

Actual Results: All the Swimlane static lookup values are displayed in the view


Release : 16.0.1

Component : Clarity Roadmaps


The Roadmaps Swimlanes feature is enhanced in 16.0.2 version. 

Static Lookups:

You now have the flexibility to show or hide swimlanes if there are no roadmap items associated with a swimlane. Click the Swimlanes flyout and then select swimlanes to show or hide.

Dynamic lookups:

Swimlanes (in Timeline layout) and Columns (in Board layout) now support Custom Defined and System Restricted Dynamic lookups in the object workspace. The swimlane values displayed in the Roadmap Timeline will only be those lookup values that have been associated with individual Roadmap Items using the Grid, Details fly-out, or Import from CSV. For example, a given dynamic lookup may have ten values, but if only five values are associated with Roadmap Items, the available Roadmap Timeline swimlane values will be limited to the 5 in use.

Additional Information

Enhanced Roadmaps Swimlanes functionality