Request stuck in Submitted (Queued) status.
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Request stuck in Submitted (Queued) status.


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CA Service Catalog


Requests in Service Catalog are stuck in Submitted (Queued) status.  Catalog requests are all tied to PAM functionality.  When Catalog Request is created, a PAM process is kicked off which will result in the creation of an SDM Request.  


Release : 17.3

Component :  CA Service Catalog and PAM integration


First instance of an issue with Catalog connecting to ITPAM in the Catalog view.log

20XX/XX/XX ERROR [ActiveMQ Session Task-5] [ITPAMWebserviceManager] Catalog connection to ITPAM failed.
org.apache.axis.AxisFault: An error occurred while running the SOAP action.

Earlier in the PAM c2o.log:

20XX-XX-XX 22:16:11,602 ERROR [com.optinuity.c2o.ldapmanagement.EeiamSearch] [9.200.83-8080-4] Error while attaching EEM application
[Authenticate Error: Unknown Error, Authenticate Error: Unknown Error, Identity Attempted: casmadmin]

20XX-XX-XX 22:16:11,605 ERROR [] [9.200.83-8080-4] unable to execute SoapRequest
java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Self-causation not permitted

Issue is being caused by the PAM component being unable to authenticate on its EEM component the Service Account user "casmadmin"


Find out of the EEM component may have been compromised.  Easiest way is to go to EEM itself via its URL https://EEM-SERVER:5250/spin/eiam/eiam.csp and see if the given login userid, in this case "casmadmin" will work

Should also check if the backend LDAP was modified in any way.  In one such instance of the above, the given user was moved or modified at the LDAP level.