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Tons of TOTAL LOAD THRESHOLD EXCEEDED port alarms after upgrading to 21.2.6/21.2.8/21.2.10


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CA Spectrum DX NetOps


After upgrading to the latest version (21.2.8), a lot of incorrect alerts come out.

SpectrumAgt: Alarm TOTAL LOAD THRESHOLD EXCEEDED on the interface model is CriticalAlert Message:Threshold Exceeded for TOTAL LOAD for an unacceptable duration. The threshold value is 90 %, and the current value is 61425117 %. Model Type = Gen_IF_Port, Name = Interface_Name. (event [0x00011337])

Sun 27 Mar, 2022 - 14:09:04 - Alarm number 9455661 with probable cause id 0x0001000f generated for device Device_port of type Gen_IF_Port. The severity of this alarm is CRITICAL. (event [0x00010701])

Sun 27 Mar, 2022 - 14:14:04 - Exceeded threshold alarm on model Device_port of type Gen_IF_Port for TOTAL LOAD was cleared.

Also, event code 0x10d80 is generated almost daily.


Release : 21.2

Component : Spectrum Alarm


Open a support case and request the following debug patch.

Apply the Spectrum_21.02.10.D72 on Spectrum 21.2.10 release.

Apply the Spectrum_21.02.08.D63 on Spectrum 21.2.8 release.

Apply the Spectrum_21.02.06.D62 on Spectrum 21.2.6 release.


 Changes are available in the 21.2.12 release, in June 2022.