Moving TFS user used in RA action to different domain
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Moving TFS user used in RA action to different domain


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CA Release Automation - Release Operations Center (Nolio)


We are moving  user [domain1\REALAUTO] to [ domain2\REALAUTO ].

Could you please tell me where can I find that user password in the server.

If we can changes at AD level, please tell me which precautions need to take care at our end or any POA for this activity.


Release : 6.X



  • All the RA users, used to login to ROC/ASAP are created in Management Server are local users(created within Nolio/ROC). These are local users and hence doesn't impacted by any migration.
  • The TFS integration you have with RA is via using command line action of RA and calling TFPT tool of TFS passing necessary TFS user credentials. RA doesn't perform any validation, authentication and authorization of this user as it is done by TFS server.
  • We cannot decrypt the encrypted password passed to TFPT tool at RA as RA doesn't know the encryption salt and algorithm used. The same is even not recommended.

The issue related to migration of TFS user to other domain need to be worked with your TFS Admin team. Just migrate the user and pass the new credential i.e. [email protected] to your TFPT command line tool via RUN COMMAND LINE action of RA and it should work if proper configuration is done for the user and it get properly authorized by TFS server.

Recommended Validation Post TFS user migration

  • On agent server try to run manually TFPT tool to check if new credential works fine. If it doesn't its an issue with TFS, please resolve it accordingly.
  • Post able to execute TFPT tool manually with success try to update the new user/password for TFS in respective process actions and test the same.
  • Once RA processes test are successful, publish the respective process to let change take place in respective deployment plans.