RC/Extract : Expert wizard for RCX
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RC/Extract : Expert wizard for RCX


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RC/Extract for DB2 for z/OS


Is there an Expert wizard available using RCX?


Environment : Db2 for Z/OS

Release R20


There is an expert wizard available for use with RC/Extract.

It is called the Hint Wizard.

It can be activated via the RC/Extract profile screen:

--------------------- RC/Extract Profile -------------------- yyyy/mm/dd hh:mm

RC/Extract Parameters:
  Display Hint Wizard           ===> N         ( Y - Yes, N - No ) <-----------------------
  Optimize Extract              ===> Y         ( Y - Yes, N - No )
  Uppercase Output              ===> N         ( Y - Yes, N - No )
  Select Entire R/I Set         ===> Y         ( Y - Yes, N - No )
  Load Utility                  ===> PFL       ( IBM or PFL      )
  Display Batch Progress Report ===> Y         ( Y - Yes, N - No )
    Progress Report Increment   ===> 2000      ( 1000 - 99999 )
  Matchcase                     ===> ON        ( ON, OFF, CAPS )
                                   ON,  - Enables matchcase
                                   OFF, - Disables matchcase (SQL intensive)
                                   CAPS - Force object names to upper case.
  Extract view max column width ===> 0         ( 0-99999 )
  Extract view max records      ===> 0         ( 0-999999999 )
Display Hint Wizard:  Select Y to enable the wizard or N to disable it.
The Hint Wizard is an automated tutorial-type tool that automatically
appears for each new panel and provide helpful usage hints.

For example, upon creating a new Extract Definition the first task is to select the tables
to be involved in the extract. The Hint Wizard displays this screen:

         RC/Extract Hint Wizard

  This screen is used to select the
  start object for the extract process.

  To select a start object, you may
  enter the name of the start object
  or specify selection criteria and
  select the object from the list.
   Lower case characters and embedded
   blanks are acceptable.

      Continue Displaying Hints Y
        Press ENTER to continue

Having selected the start table, the Hint Wizard displays this screen:

Now that the start table is selected, you may define a sampling ratio,
row limit, and SQL WHERE clause to be used during the extract of the
start table.  These parameters are located under the Start Table
Parameters section of the panel header.

The MODESW primary command lets you view relationships and change
extraction rules.

The PLAN primary command will display the steps taken during the extract
based on the selected tables, relationships, and extract rules.

Press ENTER to continue                   Continue Displaying Hints Y

After the Extract Definition is saved and ready for extract , upon using the Extract function this Hint is displayed.

                         RC/Extract Hint Wizard

This screen is used to invoke the extraction process. The top portion
of the screen is where you specify the input and output of the extract
process.  The input is a source definition.  You may enter a fully-
qualified source definition creator and name or enter selection criteria
and select a source definition from the selection list.

The output of the extract process is an Extract Object, which is simply
a sequential dataset that contains the extracted data, and the
information about the source objects and relationships necessary for
creating the Target Definition used to load the data.

Press ENTER to continue                    Continue Displaying Hints Y

So, while it may be somewhat unnecessary for an experienced user, the Hints are able to guide the novice user as they become familiar with the product. The Wizard can be turned off at each screen if the user wishes to do so.

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