CA 2E Customer Model is Not Loading
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CA 2E Customer Model is Not Loading


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When the programmers run the command to start the application it never gets to the point of seeing a menu.
We've let it run for quite a while but nothing happens
This happened after we had a major system outage and the system had to be restored.


Release : 8.7

Component : CA 2E


Hangs in CA 2E data model xxxxxxx is being loaded...

This is due to the Object table, object memory which is allocated at run time may have been corrupted causing model not to load. During normal operation, every time the model instantiated, it allocates the Object table, but if one already exists, the Model tries to utilize the existing Object table. 


- Set the library list path for the model (customer should know how to perform this)
- From the command line, run the command YDLTOBJTBL to delete the Object table and object memory which is allocated at run time
- Maybe the object table space has been corrupted causing the user Model not to load
- After this command was run, when you try to reenter the model, the object table space is rebuilt and Model will load successfully
-This fixes the issue customer facing

- If this does not fix the issue, the customer may be requested to upload the model for further analysis.