How to update jcs-common-1.0.0.jar as part of IDM 14.4 CHF02
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How to update jcs-common-1.0.0.jar as part of IDM 14.4 CHF02


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I'm applying IDM 14.4.1 CHF02 and following the doc: CHF_JCS-14.4.1-CHF002.

One of the steps is to update jcs-common-1.0.0.jar.  The doc says:

---- For "jcs-common-1.0.0.jar": ----
1. Stop "Java Connector Server" Service.
2. Take backup of "jcs-common-1.0.0.jar" from "%CONNECTOR SERVER INSTALLED LOCATION%\system\c
3. Copy the provided "jcs-common-1.0.0.jar" to "%CONNECTOR SERVER INSTALLED LOCATION%\system\c
4. Start the "Java Connector Server" Service.
5. Login to IAM Connector Server admin console. Navigate to Bundles tab under Connector Server Management se
6. Perform the following actions by right clicking on Connector : common bundle for "JCS :: Common :: (
a. Stop and wait till the status shows as "Resolved".
b. Update and wait till the status shows as "Installed".
c. Start and wait till the status shows as "Active".
d. Refresh Imports.
7. The Version number will changes once the above steps are done correctly.

I've overwritten the file and restarted the java connector server service.  After performing step 6a (stopping the bundle in the connector admin console), the status gets changed to "stopping", but hangs.  In fact, it appears to corrupt the connector server.  While I'm able to start and stop it, the provisinoing server is unable to connect to it, and the only fix at this point is to follow the steps in this article:

As a workaround, I've performed every step of CHF02 EXCEPT for updating jcs-common-1.0.0.jar.


Release : 14.3,14.4

Component :


It looks like our documentation is not quite right.

Here is a workaround to fix the issue.

  1. Check if JCS has any fragment OSGi bundles installed
  2. Stop JCS
  3. Delete the cache folder (..\Connector Server\data\cache)
  4. Start JCS
  5. Reinstall fragment bundles
The connector server should start and since the cache has been cleared, there is no need to restart any bundle.
But fragment bundles that were installed in JCS would disappear as they are installed in the cache. Therefore, fragment bundles are to be reinstalled.
This of course does not include out-of-the-box fragment bundles (JDBC drivers).


The admin console also utilizes a couple of core files (such as jcs-common-1.0.0.jar & jcs-core-1.0.0.jar). Therefore, it is not possible to update them from the admin console itself. The right way is to copy them into the respective paths and restart the JCS service only.

Clearing the cache serves the same purpose as all bundles are getting reloaded, so deployment instructions will be updated.

In the meantime, as long as the cache has been cleared, no manual reload is needed.