NFA Upgrade - Hung on Console upgrade to 21.2.10
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NFA Upgrade - Hung on Console upgrade to 21.2.10


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CA Network Flow Analysis (NetQos / NFA)


Upgrading from NFA 10.0.7 to 21.2.10.

The NFA Console upgrade appears to be hung on the "DNS and SNMP" Installing Windows.  There was a message stating there was a mysql error just before this step but there is no mysql install log yet.

The MySql_Upgrade_Log file shows the following:

Error: Server Version (5.7.33-enterprise-commercial-advanced) does not match with the version of
the server (5.7.37) with which this program was built/distributed.  You can
use --skip-version-check to skip this check.



Release : 21.2.10



MySQL upgrade reported as failing.  This blocked other parts of the upgrade.  The MySQL files had been updated, but the failure was still reported.


All NFA services were stopped, but MySQL was started and marked for deletion.  We stopped this service and it deleted.  We then recreated it with the following commands (making sure that the paths match the environment):

sc.exe create "NetQoS MySql" binPath= "E:\CA\NFA\MySql\bin\mysqld.exe --defaults-file=E:\CA\NFA\MySql\my.ini \"NetQoS MySql\"" DisplayName= "CA MySql" start= auto
sc.exe failure "NetQoS MySql" reset= 0 actions= restart/60000

The new service was able to successfully start.

Also, the upgrade was stuck running the DNS SNMP install:

This process was showing in the task manager.  We killed the process and the installer was able to complete.  We then ran the DNSSNMP Install file manually.

After reviewing the install, there were concerns that the install was missing different parts.  We re-ran the installer.  There was an error message about a mysql upgrade failure, but the logs showed that the error was that mysql was already upgraded.  It is likely that we didn't need to re-run the installer, but doing so ensured that the 21.2.10 settings were properly configured.

After doing these steps, we restarted the Console.