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is it possible to enable maintenance mode for a single alarm, probe, or component?


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


We have a robot running several probes, and we want to put some of the systems monitored by one or more probes into maintenance without affecting other alarms from the same robot.  Is this possible?  Can we put only a single type of alarm, single alarm, single probe, or single component/subsystem into maintenance mode?


We have a server with multiple disks and one disk is being taken offline for disk maintenance and will not be visible to the OS for several hours.  Can we put this disk into maintenance mode while still receiving alarms for other disks from the CDM probe?


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UIM Maintenance Mode is on a "per device" or "per server" basis; this does not distinguish between e.g. network probes monitoring a server and CPU/memory/disk probes monitoring the same server.

This could be accomplished using a NAS pre-processor of "exclude" type which uses pattern/regex matching to match the specific alarm type; you can use the NAS scheduler to turn this profile on during certain hours or you can manually enable/disable it as needed in the NAS GUI.

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