Older Swagger Definition file downloaded from the Clarity /niku/describe endpoint
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Older Swagger Definition file downloaded from the Clarity /niku/describe endpoint


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Summary: Copying the JSON content from the Clarity endpoint and then using it in the latest Swagger editor is not working. This is mostly used by developers to integrate with different applications. However if customer's want to use an API manager software that also gives errors. 


Steps to Reproduce:  

  1. Login to Clarity PPM 
  2. Replace the URL in the Browser to http(s)://ppm.server.com/niku/describe 
  3. Copy the Content to a JSON file 
  4. Open https://editor.swagger.io/ and upload the JSON file to it 


Expected Results: The JSON file to be validated in the latest Swagger editor. 

Actual Results: The JSON file generates errors in the latest Swagger editor. 



Release: 15.9.2+




Workaround: The editor.swagger.io is always latest release of swagger, the JSON we generate is an older version. Use the html rendered by the Swagger version supported within the Clarity server: /niku/rest/describe/index.html. 


DE61574 has been converted to a user story for a future enhancement to support the latest version of Swagger on editor.swagger.io from a JSON file created from the Clarity /niku/describe endpoint. 


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