VCRUNTIME140_1.dll missing after installing Service Pack
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VCRUNTIME140_1.dll missing after installing Service Pack


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Automation Point


I'm currently installing the Service Pack. I've run into an issue where the NM Gateway service cannot start due to a missing DLL file. Here's a screenshot of what is missing. 



Release : 11.7

Component : Automation Point


This is caused when one of the installed programs is missing. 

Go to Windows "Control Panels" -> "Programs and Features" and verify you can see the following two lines in the list of installed programs:

The first line above is most likely the one to be missing for this particular dll. 

The two lines are software prerequisites installed alongside of Automation Point.  These could be missed if you clicked "Close" when the installer prompted you to install them (screenshot below)

In order to install the missing redistributable files, mount the Service Pack ISO file and run "vc_redist.x64.exe" from Utilpgms\ folder.

After the installation run the "CA-AP NM Gateway Server" Service again.