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Name field of logoind record is in different location when listing from 2 different systems


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ACF2 - z/OS


Is there a reason ACF2 does not output the NAME field in a constant position
so the NAME field can be consistently found in the same position?




USER01Z              012345678901234USER01Z  USER01Z NAME                          



USER02Z              01234567890123456USER02Z  USER02Z NAME                     

The uid field by default, no matter the size of it should be 24 and the name field should follow.
SYSA has 22 byte UID string 
SYSB has 24 byte uid string




Release : 16.0

Component : ACF2 for z/OS


When locating the name field of the logonid record, the contents of the UID will be displayed until all
fields have been listed and then the name field will be displayed.
However, the last field being the logonid, which is most often 7 characters
will show one blank after the 7th, because the logonid is actually 8 characters in length.
So if the uid string is only 22 characters long, you will most probably see 21 characters followed 
by 2 blanks, and then the name.

So the short answer is that the defined length of the uid will be displayed followed by a blank and then the name.